The coasts of BC are the best places in the world for Whale-watching. On Vancouver Island's West Coast you sight Pacific Grays, and other cetaceans. From Campbell River to Port McNeill on the north-east coast of the Island, Orcas and many marine animals including porpoises frolic in the straits. Prince Rupert also has charter boats to take you for wilderness tours. The Queen Charlottes has the largest variety of sea life in Canada.



bearBEARS - Photo by Rick O'Neill
The Khutzeymateen/K'tzim-a-diin Grizzly Sanctuary is an amazing experience. (Visitors must register and are limited in their travel.) Also, the mid Coastal region is home to the white Kermode bear.


Sighting wild animals is a matter of chance, but the further away from civilization the more likely you'll see bears, elk, moose, and others. Deer can be quite tame and are often easily approached, unless startled by sudden actions. Bears are often sighted along mountain roads, but be wary. Raccoons, coyotes, herons, Whiskey Jacks are frequently seen. Have a camera ready to shoot!






In all there are more than 400 species of BIRDS in BC. Most of the west coastal waters have an abundance of sea birds. Any naturalist or wildlife photographer should visit the Queen Charlotte Islands where 218 species have been identified, including rare and unusual birds. The Queen Charlottes were unique and unaffected by the Ice Ages. Here are rare and unusual birds. Read Islands for Discovery by Dennis Horwood, which lists many of them.


Mountain areas like Garibaldi - near Whistler - also offer sights of Golden eagles, falcons, and many other species of birds not seen elsewhere.





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