Wilderness Travels is an on-line guide dedicated to exploring wilderness recreational adventures in British Columbia and elsewhere. As well, we are an advocate of keeping wilderness areas of this province intact, and to protect our precious wildlife, which make trekking in the wilderness, whether by foot, kayak, canoe or sail, the wonderful experience that it is. We believe that we humans must share the environment with our fellow animals, and that includes the habitat and food necessary to support them. We ask people who want to explore our wilderness to respect it, and leave it in the same condition they found it in, like the First Nations have done for thousands of years.


To find out about news affecting our environment check out some of the non-profit groups who follow issues concerning our wildlife and their habitat. Go to our non-profit links page below.



• Giant Red Cedars Logged in Ecotourism area http://www.vancouversun.com/

• Threats to Orcas: http://dogwoodinitiative.org/campaigns/save-sara

• Protect Fish Lake from Destruction by Mining company: http://www.protectfishlake.ca/

• BC: one of only Two Provinces without Endangered Species Act http://www.sierraclub.bc.ca/

• Wild Salmon Narrows Must be Cleared of Fish Farms http://www.georgiastrait.org



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Non-Profit Links & NEWS

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Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Vancouver Island organization founded 'to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of the Great Bear Rainforest'.


Georgia Strait Alliance
Citizen's group protecting the marine environment in and around the whole Strait of Georgia.

Spaces For Nature
Sunshine Coast non-profit dedicated to the protection of BC’s wilderness. See what is protected here.

Sunshine Coast Conservation Association
A volunteer association representing over thirty local conservation and community groups.


Friends of Bute Inlet



Valhalla Wilderness Society



Dogwood Initiative



BC Wildlife Federation



Sierra Club, BC



Alberta Wilderness Association





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